Motion Energy Body Balm Heat Effect Cream 50 ml

Motion Energy Body Balm Heat Effect Cream 50 ml

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Product Description

Gel Motion Energy – an innovative medicine for joint pain with natural composition. Stiffness and limited movement are reduced, muscles are warmed up and inflammation is effectively eliminated. The cream’s bioactive formula for treating and preventing muscle pain helps with arthritis, osteochondrosis and joint injuries. Motion Energy also increases muscle mobility and improves musculoskeletal function. The drug has passed all stages of clinical trials and laboratory studies that have confirmed its beneficial properties.

When the gel is applied, the joints and muscles are warmed, the blood flow is stimulated and the active ingredients contained in Motion Energy are administered to the painful area. The pain and burning in the muscles disappear, the inflammation is reduced, the joints are rejuvenated, their mobility is restored, the bones and cartilage are strengthened.