Scott 1-Ply Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue White (20/Pack)

Scott 1-Ply Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue White (20/Pack)


Contains 1000 1-ply sheets per roll for long-lasting use
Fits standard roll holders/dispensers
20 rolls per case, 1000 sheets per roll
Comes in white

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Product Description

Stock restrooms for everyday use with this case of 20 Scott one-ply bathroom tissue rolls.
Rely on this durable white single-ply toilet paper to handle daily bathroom needs. Each roll has 1,000 sheets to reduce roll change frequency. These unscented Scott bathroom tissue rolls are septic safe for consistent performance in all types of restroom facilities.

These soft tissue rolls have a reliable construction that allows you to use them for a wide variety of applications, including drying hands and wiping windows. Their super-absorbent properties make them very efficient.

Soft Texture
The tissue rolls have a very soft and smooth design, so they can be used without fear of scratching skin. Their softness means that you don’t have to buy separate tissue for your young kids.

Ease of Use
These tissues are easy to install on a toilet paper roll holder and are very easy to use. This puts them among the best toilet tissue paper brands.

Twenty Rolls per Pack
Each pack of these Scott tissues contains twenty rolls of tissue, each of which has 1,000 sheets. These large packages make each purchase very economical.