Toxic Off Detox Herbal Complex 20 Capsules (5 Pack)

Toxic Off Detox Herbal Complex 20 Capsules (5 Pack)


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Product Description

The go lean detox pills which help accelerate detoxification of the digestive tract, these capsules cleanse your gut and boost energy levels for total body rejuvenation. Cleanse, reset & repeat. Our gut cleanse capsules are one a day detox pills formulated to promote natural fitness.

TURMERIC Believed to promote healthy detoxification.

CELERY Found to have a high concentration of pectin-based polysaccharides (including apiuman), this plant extract helps strengthen, fortify & protect the lining of the stomach.

EMBLICA Long used in cultures around the world to ease constipation & enhance digestion.

GOTU KOLA Studies have indicated this ayurvedic herb can help boost circulation, ease fluid retention & regulate metabolic response.

WORMWOOD Venerated globally by healers & holistic practitioners, this potent herb is known to strenghthen the immune system and relieve bloating. Formulated out of raw ingredients, our detox cleanse blend replenishes the tummy with nutrition vital for maintaining digestion health.