Waggle RV/Dog Safety Temperature & Humidity Sensor Cellular (Built-in GPS)

Waggle RV/Dog Safety Temperature & Humidity Sensor Cellular (Built-in GPS)


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Product Description

Waggle RV/Dog Safety Temperature & Humidity Sensor with 4G Verizon Cellular | Wireless Remote Pet Temperature Monitor 24/7 Email/SMS Alerts. No WiFi Required, iOS/Android Compatible Mobile App. | Get Alerted – Not alarmed. Keeping an eye on your dog’s safety is now easy. Just peel and stick the monitor anywhere inside your Car/RV/Home and get Temperature, Humidity updates on your smartphone. |**Subscription Required**: Affordable plans that cover built-in Verizon 4G cellular Service to monitor your Pet’s Environment Temperature. (Subscription purchased separately using Mobile App). | A built-in rechargeable battery gives you peace of mind even when your RV power is lost. Low-battery & RV Power-Loss Alerts are available as well.
Traveling with pets?

Get Peace of Mind! with our pet monitor!

Monitor your pet’s environment temperature and humidity in real-time.

Keep your pooch safe!
Dog Safety risks when traveling by RV!
1. RVs (unless plugged in) use a Diesel generator to power the appliances (like your microwave oven and AC)

2. RV generators are prone to failure and consume ~ 1 Gallon/hour of use.

3. If you leave your Dog/Pet in the RV and if the DG fails, the temperature inside can reach over 100°F even when the temperature outside is just 75°F.

4. This rapid rise in temperature in the RV can turn, put your furry babies at extreme risk of Heatstroke and related diseases.

How hot is your parked RV/Car?
SUMMER – It is fun going for a trip with your fur baby to the countryside, mountains & more. But it’s vital that you should know the risks that your dog will face during the summer heat.

WINTER – Pets can get frostbite very quickly when exposed to low temperature even if it is for a short time.

Peace of Mind with Pet Monitor!

Keep your dog safe in RV/CAR/HOME with WAGGLE
1. Real-time update on Temperature, Humidity, and Heat Index.

2. Sends text/email alerts when your pet is in danger.

3. No Wi-Fi is needed. Works over a Verizon 4G cellular Service.

4. Long-lasting and rechargeable battery.

5. Android and iOS app for remote monitoring.

Never compromise on dogs’ safety! Instant Alerts for you, friends & family.
1. Get instant text/email alerts within seconds if the temperature becomes critical for your Fido!

2. Your family members ( up to 5 ) can get instant alerts as well!

3. You also get alerted when the DG fails or if there is a power loss in your RV!

4. Our Pet Monitor continues to work for up to 2 days even when RV power is lost!