Wireless Magnetic Charging Cabler Compatible with Apple iWatch 3.3 ft

Wireless Magnetic Charging Cabler Compatible with Apple iWatch 3.3 ft


Type:Watch Charger
Package Size:10.8×10.8×1.8cm
Length:1 meter

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Product Description

1.Sometimes you may feel tired of inserting or pulling out the cable when you need to charge or take out the smartwatch. At this time, you can try this wireless charger for smart wristwatches
2.After inserting the supplied USB cable and connect it to the charger, you can feel free to place the watch on the charging dock anytime you like and then it can charge your watch immediately
3.When you are placing this wristwatch, your watch can lay firmly on the wireless charger to keep it in place without falling down easily
4.Suitable for iWatch 1/2/3
5.Made of ABS materials, fashion and durable
6.The 3.3 ft / 1 m charging cable for Apple watch is easy to connect and perfectly compatible.
7.Low operating temperature and long service life, no harm to the watch
8.Notice:The smartwatch for iWatch 4 is limited by the system for Apple, so its charging time is over 5 hours. If you mind this, please order it with caution
(9.Place the charger close to the back of the watch and the magnet will automatically snap into place)

Please pay attention to the following problems, otherwise, it may cause abnormal charging, high charging temperature, intermittent charging, or even no charging.
1.We recommend using the QC2.0 / 3.0 Fast Charger Adapter (9V / 1.67A) for better charging. 5V /2A is the normal charging speed. 5V/1A will result in insufficient power.
2.Please put the watch in the center of the wireless charging sensor area.
3.The charging distance is about 2-6mm/0.08-0.24in. Please do not install a protective case that is thicker than 3mm/0.12in.
4.When charging wirelessly, do not have any metal or (magnetic) objects in the distance between the center point of the back of the watch and the diameter of about 6cm/2.36in.
5.Lower temperature and faster charging. The charging speed is faster in winter than in summer.
6.Please do not charge in high temperature and humid environment to avoid damage to the circuit.
7.Keep it out of reach of children to avoid unnecessary accidents.
8.This product does not include the smartwatch